Egrow Review 2021: How To Become A Smart Seller On Amazon With A Product Research Tool!

Every business owner who sells his products or services on Amazon is deeply concerned about using product research tactics and preferences. It is crucial to choose the right product to grow an online business at a massive rate. Choosing the wrong product can potentially land any business in trouble, and profit generation might go for a toss!

Nowadays, many e-commerce sellers think that product research is hectic and takes way too much time, they are not wrong. It does consume too much time and energy. But with the right tool, the researching task can be smooth.

In this Egrow review 2021, we will introduce you to a product research tool that comes in handy and does the product research like a pro.

Let Us First Know- What Is Product Research On Amazon?

Amazon Product Research

It is a process of analyzing what is trending in the marketplace. So that you do not miss out on anything to maintain your online presence and dominance in the Amazon marketplace.

The main idea behind product research is to sell for profit. But it is not that simple. Many businesses fail to achieve their goals due to poor budget management. A well-planned budget covers up all the overhead expenses, current liabilities, product-related costs, SEO cost, and much more such costs. To additionally buy a product research tool becomes undesirable for many sellers.

Amazon is a giant network for online sellers that can boost up your capital investment with proper research on products that are in high demand. And Egrow is such a tool that can help you overall and maintain your position in this tough competitive race.

What Exactly Is Egrow?

Egrow is a web-based amazon product research tool with a chrome extension. It shows you the real-time data from different Amazon markets. Egrow came into the limelight off late for the attractive pricing plans that made it a perfect alternative to JungleScout, AMZScout, AMZBase, and Helium 10.

Being an affordable tool, it can do the job, best designed for- A product research! Highly beneficial if you are a new seller on Amazon.

Why Is It Important To Do Product Research?

As a seller, you must be aware of the potential risks in selecting specific seasonal products to sell on Amazon, depending on the demand-supply curve. The only mantra a seller needs to follow on any given platform is-

“Do not sell what you want to sell, but sell what sells!”

Another big concern is finding the right tool without investing truckloads of business capital. Therefore, the next important segment in this Egrow review is its features.

Egrow Features

The Egrow dashboard provides four options, namely-

Database research
  • Live Amazon Scanner- This allows you to view the Amazon pages as a customer would. You can navigate some crucial details like- average price, sales, reviews, and total revenue earned from a specific product.
  • Keyword and Niche Tool- Unlike other tools that do not give you the real picture, Egrow provides you a bank of keywords. The keyword data provided by other tools are not extracted from Amazon, as it does not store the search history to back up the keywords. It comes from Google data. But this will not show you the number of units sold or revenue generated! You will be surprised to know that Egrow’s algorithm works uniquely by extracting out the ten best-performing products based on the objective metrics that include price, reviews, selling rank, monthly sales, and product price.

Egrow Pricing Plans

As a trending Amazon market research tool, it provides four different pricing plans to kick-start your online business-


  • Covers 12 marketplaces
  • Get all previous seven days data
  • Five chrome extension uses per da
  • Track up to five products
  • Track 5 keywords


  • Covers 12 marketplaces
  • Get previous 30 days data
  • 20 chrome extension uses per day
  • Track 50 products and keywords


  • Covers 12 marketplaces
  • Get previous 90 days data
  • Unlimited chrome extension uses per day
  • Track 100 products and 200 keywords


  • Covers 12 marketplaces
  • Get previous 90 days data
  • Unlimited chrome extension
  • Track 300 products and 1000 keywords

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Wrapping Up:

Through this Egrow review, It is evident that it is an ideal tool for any trader who is looking forward to boosting his e-commerce on Amazon. The pricing plans are pretty fair and can fit every budget. Your research task will never be daunting anymore with Egrow.



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